Welcome to WebET 2015

WWW2015 Workshop on Web-based Education Technologies (WebET 2015)
May 19, 2015, Florence, Italy

A workshop of WWW 2015 (The 24rd International World Wide Web Conference)

Following up on a very successful instance of this workshop in Seoul, registrants are invited to attend and explore current trends in higher education that have utilized numerous Web-based active learning techniques. Exciting developments have occurred since last year’s workshop that will interest all attendees. The organizers have invited speakers who have been actively involved in these developments. Submitted papers will reflect current research and application in such areas as cooperative learning teams connected with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to the Web, the intersection between Web-based education and Big Data analytics, the role of Social Media as a teaching and learning environment, and the current status of online and open education resources such as that promised by the MOOC phenomenon. The organizers assure that there will be ample time for lively discussion and networking. Subject matter experts and practitioners of Web-Based Education (WBE) and anyone interested in future trends in the field, and the challenges to be addressed in order to assure the ongoing success of WBE systems are encouraged to attend.